English Settlement United Methodist Church History

This area became home for several English families in the 1840s.  First mention of religious services comes from 1843 when meetings were held in homes.  From 1844 until 1846, Sunday services took place in school houses.  In the spring of 1846, a plan for a new chapel was decided upon.  Letters asking for donations were sent to friends and relatives in England. These supporters helped build a fine structure which has undergone continual improvement since first erected.  Our most recent interior renovation was completed in 1997, and air conditioning was added in 2002. 

Many people have commented on the beautiful sounds the carillon directs to the countryside.  This was first given to us as a memorial and was dedicated in June of 1965.  Such is the witness of this Christian church to the community.  Of course, the story of our church is really told in the lives of all the friends and members who take part in the various activities.  We are always seeking new ideas and participation from the community. 

The annual Christmas in the Barn celebration is held every Christmas Eve.  The service in a real barn has helped us reach out to thousands of people who come to the stable in search of the story of the birth of Jesus.  Our church is also extremely active in the Heifer Project, an international mission with agricultural connections.  Many gifts of various animals have been given to places around the world. 

Our church is part of the diverse and dynamic Wisconsin Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Our symbol as a denomination is the cross and flame.  We see the cross as a symbol of the risen Christ who is leading us in a demanding world.  The flame represents the Holy Spirit – always ablaze, ever beginning!

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg